Chef Kati Luedecke infuses modern Peruvian Cuisine and Central Texas ingredients with Killa Wasi.

 Chef Kati Luedecke Preparing Smoked Trout with Poached Eggs at Bacano Brunch

Chef Kati Luedecke Preparing Smoked Trout with Poached Eggs at Bacano Brunch



Killa Wasi


Chef-owner Kati Luedecke holds over a decade of culinary experience. Originally hailing from Brenham, Tex., she relocated to Austin to attend Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. She worked through the ranks of Austin’s food scene and held titles such as chef, catering director, and culinary director throughout her career.

Luedecke traveled to Peru in 2014 and became enamored with the local cuisine. “Like Lima, Austin has been influenced by many of the same cultures, including Spanish, Moorish, and Chinese- which is why Peruvian food is a unique yet obvious cuisine to fuse with the Austin food scene,” she says. Yearly trips exploring the country’s specialties and attendance at Mistura, Latin America’s largest food festival, shaped her love of the country’s cuisine. “Having the opportunity to learn first hand and to appreciate Peru’s unique diversity and incredible culture mix and getting to meet incredible chefs such as Gaston Acurio, Javier Wong, and Astrid Gutsche is what really inspired me.”

Luedecke returned home and immediately started a supper club in the Allandale neighborhood of Austin in 2014. Through its success and extensive following, she cultivated the premier of her Peruvian food bus, Killa Wasi. “The name Killa Wasi means ‘moon house’ in the native Quechuan language. It celebrates Mama Killa, the Incan goddess of the moon. It’s important the food we make reflects the landscape of Peru: ocean, desert, mountain, and rainforest. With these in mind, we infuse modern Peruvian cuisine with Central Texas ingredients.”

Luedecke laces those elements throughout the menu at the bus situated in the east Austin Govalle neighborhood. She hopes to share Peruvian culture and bring diversity to the Austin food scene.